SalesPad By Cavallo

Cavallo SalesPad provides a complete solution to address your distribution and part sales requirements.  SalesPad is a front-end order entry, purchasing, sales, and inventory management solution that integrates with Dynamics GP.

SalesPad in Three Minutes

Make extreme efficiency business as usual with the world’s #1 solution for extending the life and performance of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Efficiency, Guaranteed

Dramatic improvement is the new normal with Cavallo SalesPad, revolutionary distributor-designed software that manages distribution operations from customer to cash. Pave the way for profit: Reimagine your business processes to unlock scalable growth, and leave your competition in the dust.

Extended Capabilities with Top-tier Integrations

Enhance the efficiency of your distribution management system with integrations that offer functionality tailored to your needs. Eliminate manual workarounds, manage your ecommerce, make tax calculations, and increase your company’s transaction speed with the best integrations in the industry.

Increase Visibility and Inventory Control

Gather consistent data across your business to make sound decisions and drive profits. Salespad is a comprehensive inventory control software that lets you keep your inventory counts, transaction totals, and reordering schedules accurate and organized — and make business moves with confidence.

  • Live Inventory Tracking
    Monitor in-stock, allocated, and back-ordered inventory statuses from the order entry screen.
  • Decision-Grade Data
    Retrieve accurate, reliable data within seconds.
  • Order-Routing Efficiency
    Route your orders based on your own business processes, not on developer presets.

Accelerate Your Operations

Gain efficiency and accelerate distribution from customer to cash with specific functionality for selling, warehousing, replenishing, shipping, and invoicing. Gather the data you need to supercharge your business.

  • Faster Order Processing
    Process more orders daily with clearly defined processes.
  • Invoicing, Simplified
    Automate steps in your invoicing workflow to help minimize human error and decrease outstanding payables.
  • Rapid Replenishment
    Receive and stock inventory quickly and accurately, eliminating miscounts and shrinkage.
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